Corporations and trade companies

  • The offered counseling and services regard all the judicial forms of the company, regardless of their activity domain.
  • services of companies registration and of their documents;
  • administrators’ liability;
  • general meeting of shareholders/associates
  • procedure of organization, assisting, representation by proxy, registration of judgments, action for annulment of judgments;
  • conventions of the associates/shareholders;
  • commerce and patrimony fund;
  • exploitation, protection and transaction;
  • divisions, fusions and liquidations of companies;
  • branches, working points, agencies;
  • permanent counseling with respect to the entire legal activity of a company.

Bank domain and commercial domain

  • Bank domain: counseling, assistance and representation of clients when concluding contracts with banks;
  • Privatization: legal analysis, legal evaluation and preparation of the privatization offers, assistance during the procedures that include drawing up legal documents when a risk is involved, activities specific to diligence, drawing up documents and the negotiation of privatization contracts, monitoring the situation after the privatization period;
  • Commercial contracts – negotiations, elaborations, additions, modifications, cessations, insertion of clauses in any type of commercial contract;
  • Commercial litigations – assistance or representation in the negotiation phase and in the courts of law (payment demands);
  • Intellectual property – exploitation and protection, registration of trademarks;
  • Offences provided in commercial laws.

Taxes and fees

  • Customs fees and the classification of taxes and debts towards the state;
  • VAT, excises, profit and taxes for entities of Romania or abroad;
  • Reprezentare in fata autoritatilor fiscale din Romania si asistenta in timpul litigiilor ce au legatura cu aceste autoritati|( contestatii ale actelor de sanctionare).

Associations and foundations

  • Consultancy, assistance and representation for the integration of non-profit organizations in Romania;
  • Representation in front of the competent authorities and of the courts of law for founding and the modification of the memorandums of association;
  • Documents of these organizations;
  • Permanent consultancy of the organizations’ legal activity.

Competition law

  • Competition: counseling with regard to competition law according to the requirements of the European Union, assisting the clients during the investigations performed by the Competition Council regarding the operated practices, issues concerning the abuse of dominant position or unlawful competition.
  • Legal recommendations with regard to the authorization procedures for support granted by the State, representation in front of the Competition Council during the competition litigation.


  • consultancy in the field of insolvency of trade companies in the phase of the reorganization and/or liquidation procedure of the debtor company (voluntary or judicial liquidation);
  • elaborations and completing of requests for the registration of debt rights against debtors;
  • elaborations and completing of requests for the opening of bankruptcy or judicial reorganization procedure;
  • judicial assistance and representation within the insolvency procedure, for creditors and debtors as well;
  • drawing up the documents necessary for the initiation of liability determination procedure for the fraudulent deeds of debtor company’s management;
  • the representation of the client during the creditors’ meeting, creditors’ gathering or committee etc.

International trade law

  • International commercial contracts;
  • The activity of Romanian trade companies abroad and of the foreign companies in Romania.
  • International conventions and their applicability in Romania;
  • INCOTERMS Regulations;
  • The treaties of Romania’s integration in the EU and EU Treaties;

International private law

  • The recognition of foreign judgments;
  • Consultancy regarding the foreign’s citizen statute in Romania;


  • Assistance and representation in front of the bailiff;
  • Authentication and investment with enforceable formula of judgments;
  • Assistance and representation in the phase of foreclosure of the enforceable titles;
  • Assistance and representation in court – enforcement contestations;

Civil law

  • Elaboration, assistance and representation of the civil actions in the courts of law;
  • Legal assistance and representation in front of the Notary Public;
  • Legal counseling regarding civil law issues;
  • Negotiations, elaboration, modification, cessation of civil contracts;

Labour law

  • Legal assistance and counseling in elaborating the contracts of exclusivity, professional qualification, mobility clause, confidentiality clause;
  • Assistance and representation in labour litigations;
  • Negotiation and counseling in the field of labour contracts conclusion;
  • Negotiation of labour conflicts;
  • Job description and internal regulation drawing up.